Five questions to ask a real estate agent in Singapore

The world is full of real estate agents, who allegedly can sell properties. When you are choosing an agent, you want to have the most skilled person, who is smart and efficient. Finding a real estate agent who will offer you a variety of services and reasonable prices, within a fair amount of time, can be a difficult decision. In this case, you should interview at least three realtors before you make a final decision and we have the questions you should ask them.

How much can I get for my property?

A good agent should give you an appropriate estimate. For example, if two agents say they can sell your home for $700,000, and third says $800,000 then you should think hard. In most cases, the higher bid is an exaggeration, and it is used to lure potential clients. If the price is too high, then your property will be listed forever, and you won’t be able to sell it. Always try to find a balance because the price can scare the potential buyers.

How will you market it?

To have a successful marketing and advertisement, agents need to invest a lot of money. Running a couple of ads in local newspapers or list the property on the Internet shouldn’t be the only recourse. The agent should be able to talk to the people and target a specific type of buyers to attract their attention and sell your property faster. If he isn’t in touch with them and only relies on online recourses, there might pass some time before you sell your house.

How has your business improved in the last five years?

If he doesn’tquestion talk about website tours and smartphones, then the chances are this is not a highly wired agent. Internet and new technologies are a significant part of every business, and if your agent isn’t familiar with them, then you should save yourself a trouble and move on. On the other hand, if a realtor shows interest in this part of business and visits seminars and improves his knowledge, then you are in the safe hands.

Tell me about your deals

Every agent has some stories to share, he will probably avoid unpleasant events, but even if he tells you about some recent sales, it will give you much better feel of what kind of person is he. You will have a chance to evaluate his skills and features as a salesperson.

Can I talk with your former clients?

Every successful real estate agent shouldn’t have problems introducing you to his previous clients. If he refuses this request, then you are should he is hiding something. In this case, don’t waste time and move on.

What is your specialty?

Of example, if you are selling a house, you will want an agent who is specialized in this area. You don’t want a realtor who sells business real estates to sell your home.